Favourite Designs from 2021…

What better way to wrap up the year than to look back on some of our favourite greaseproof paper designs from 2021. Whilst repeated logos will always be a popular choice for businesses, we can’t help but love the designs that go the extra mile to really grab attention.

When you think patterned greaseproof you probably imagine stripes, checks and polka dots, but patterns can be so much more! Well-designed patterns play a super important role in branding; not only can they create memorable customer experiences and add gravitas to brand identity they can also boost your brand recognition at a mere glance. Ultimately, they elevate presentation from mediocre to mega!

We asked our UK sales team to select a few of their favourites –

 Bocketts Farm Park

Colourful greaseproof paper

This colourful design uses phrases related to the Bocketts Farm Park business and the addition of simple images really reinforces the brand. Not only do the bright colours catch your eye but the clever use of wording means you can’t help but look closer to find all the hidden messages! The overall design is fun, friendly and smile inducing.

Scone on branded greaseproof


French and Day Delicatessen

We love the simple pen and ink style drawings which lend a classy and sophisticated feel to this black and white greaseproof paper design. With the French and Day Delicatessen logo centralised and surrounded by a selection of produce available in store, this greaseproof definitely helps entice customers into additional purchases and sets expectations of high-quality food!

Patterned greaseproof paper


12 Beach Rd, Newquay

The complimentary colours of this ocean themed greaseproof design are perfect. The use of coral as a pattern is subtle but gives an air of coastal luxury and relaxation. The company logo in a contrasting colour ensures it jumps off the page – ideal for being photographed on social media!


Le Swine

This really must be one of the most fun greaseproof paper designs we’ve encountered! The idea of creating a comic strip “The Story of Britain’s Best Bacon Butty” from greaseproof paper is simply genius and goes to show that anything really is possible! The result is an engaging, interactive and highly memorable customer experience and suggests the brand behind the design are fun, quirky and enterprising.


Little Bee Bakes

 This simplistic, hand drawn style, black and white design really highlights the homemade nature of the products – from the inclusion of the traditional stand mixer, ingredients and even a bakers apron, this greaseproof design is a declaration that not just the cakes but the entire brand is “baked with love”.


Today's brands are experimenting with a range of new styles, shapes and colours, from bold and bright to modern and minimal, it really is hard to resist a well-designed pattern. But where do you start when designing your own? That’s where our team of designers come in! For no extra charge they’ll help you to create the best possible pattern for your brand and ensure your presentation really wows your customers!