From Cooking to Presentation to ‘Food to Go’, Greaseproof Has So Many Uses...

At 'It's a Wrap,' we specialize in crafting high-quality custom greaseproof paper designed to elevate your food presentation and packaging. But what exactly is greaseproof, and why is it such a valuable asset in the culinary world?

Greaseproof paper tray liners under tarts

Let's Delve Into the Basics. What Exactly is Greaseproof?

Greaseproof paper, also known as grease-resistant or wax paper, is a type of non-absorbent paper that is resistant to grease and moisture. It is typically manufactured by treating paper with a special chemical or wax coating, creating a barrier that prevents oil, grease, or liquids from penetrating the paper fibers. It is also called ‘food wrap’ or ‘bakery paper’ in the US.

Greaseproof has many uses in the food industry. Let’s take a look at some of them…

Certified compostable greaseproof for burgers


In cooking, greaseproof serves a multitude of purposes. It's commonly used to line baking trays and cake tins, preventing baked goods from sticking to the surface while also protecting the tray from grease and oil. For example, when baking cookies or roasting vegetables, placing a sheet of greaseproof paper on the tray ensures easy cleanup and prevents food from becoming soggy or greasy.

Presenting Food: Food Wrap and Liners

When it comes to presenting food at your establishment, printing custom greaseproof paper is a terrific way to extend your brand to your customers while in your establishment, and after they leave.

How? Imagine your logo, slogan or other feature custom printed on your greaseproof.

This ‘custom greaseproof paper’ adds a touch of elegance and professionalism to any dish. Chefs often use it as a decorative liner for serving baskets or trays, enhancing the visual appeal of appetizers, they use it for wrapping sandwiches more elegantly, and presenting other culinary delights.

Whether you're serving freshly baked bread in a rustic basket, or presenting a gourmet burger on a wooden board, custom food wrapping paper adds a stylish finishing touch.

Take a look at how chef Joe Cimenera uses greaseproof for sandwich wrap paper and tray liners at his restaurants in New York.

And while we’re at it, consider having It’s a Wrap print your logo on your basket liners or tray liners!

Packing Up Food to Go:

In the realm of custom food packaging, greaseproof is a game-changer. Its grease-resistant properties make it ideal for wrapping and packaging oily or greasy foods such as fried chicken, fish and chips, or burgers. Companies such as Dunkin’ use it to wrap donuts and other desserts.

Of course it’s also an amazing custom sandwich wrap paper. By using printed greaseproof to wrap takeaway items, restaurants and food vendors can ensure that the food stays fresh and delicious, while also preventing grease stains and leaks.

At 'It's a Wrap,' we take pride in offering custom food wrapping paper that not only enhances your food presentation but also promotes your brand identity. Whether you're a restaurant, food brand, dessert shop, fast food store or hospitality establishment, our award-winning packaging solution is available in all sizes and can be customized with your company logo, helping you stand out from the competition.

Manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 standards and in compliance with EU food packaging regulations 1935/2004, our greaseproof paper is guaranteed to meet the highest quality and safety standards. We only use materials that are FDA-approved, ISEGA certified, and HALAL certified, ensuring peace of mind for our customers.

To learn more about the benefits of greaseproof paper and how it can elevate your brand, visit our blog.

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