Designer Greaseproof Paper

Embarking on branded packaging is an investment for your business and getting it right is important - both to you and us! Ensuring your design is top notch is the biggest challenge in creating your branded paper - the better the design, the more impact your greaseproof paper will have. So, it comes as no surprise that one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “what makes a good design?”

At It’s a Wrap we have a team of experienced, in-house designers who are on hand to work with you to create your perfect greaseproof paper design at no extra cost. We asked them their top tips on creating a winning greaseproof paper design.

A Bando Belly sausage and egg sandwich wrapped in designer greaseproof paper made by It's A Wrap


Location, location, location

Your first thought should be where am I going to use my greaseproof paper? Different circumstances will have different requirements and one design doesn’t necessarily fit all uses. For instance, if you’re wrapping burgers which are then eaten on the go, you’re probably looking to help advertise your brand to passers-by. Why wouldn’t you?!

With this in mind, you’ll need to create an eye-catching design – something bold and colourful but crucially with your logo in a prominent place (or repeated) at a size that’s easy to read from a distance. There’s no use printing your logo at a size that can’t be read from more than 6 feet away.

A selection of Beeston Brownies sitting on top of their branded greaseproof paper made by It's A Wrap

If you’re using your branded greaseproof paper to wrap postal treats in, you’ll no doubt be aiming to improve your customer’s unboxing experience. The design of your paper will partly be down to your existing brand values – are you aiming for luxury and expensive, fun and cheeky or homemade and caring? Including additional product information as a way of upselling is possible but don’t forget to ensure your branding is obvious when a customer takes a photo of their newly unwrapped item and posts it across social media.

For restaurants and cafes your aims will be different again. Whilst you’ll still want your logo visible in those much-anticipated food photos ready for uploading to Instagram, you shouldn’t miss the chance to engage with your customers. The addition of QR codes, product information and business facts all help to build brand loyalty. Consider using greaseproof paper as a menu itself that’s left on the table as a place mat – ideal for highlighting regular offers, locally sourced items, and encouraging return visits.


Designer greaseproof paper menu from a burger restaurant made by It's A Wrap


A rainbow to choose from

When it comes to packaging, colour is the most critical component for attracting shoppers. Compared to graphics and illustrations, colour is visible from a greater distance and is often more memorable to customers. If you were to see a chocolate bar in a purple wrapper, you would immediately associate it with Cadbury’s even if you can’t see the logo and that red and white drinks can is undoubtedly Coca Cola.

A Mother Flipper of London Hamburger sitting on their designer greaseproof paper made by It's A Wrap

 There has been vast research into the psychology behind colour and companies use this to encourage purchases. WebFX asked customers to judge a product in 90 seconds or less and found that between 62 and 92 percent based their opinion of a product on the colour of the packaging alone.

Some colours have closer association with food items than others. For instance, red is seen as the colour most related with romance and passion but red also represents excitement, boldness and oddly enough, hunger! According to research, red is meant to excite and increase metabolism – it’s no surprise that several highly popular, fast-food businesses feature the colour.

The colour green suggests wealth, growth, health, and nature and is a favourite with food and drinks companies. The colour is known to suggest that products are fresh and healthy and is hugely associated with eco-friendly and organic items, something worth considering if these features are important to your target audience.

A Basket of fish and chips from The No Catch Company in Brighton sitting on designer greaseproof paper made by It's A Wrap

You don’t have to stick to just one colour either, our branded greaseproof paper has a variety of colour options. Choose from 1, 2 or full colour print for your design meaning you can be as conservative or as colourful as you like!

The font of all knowledge

Where packaging is concerned, less is often more. It should be effortless for a customer to understand what they should to look at first – what’s the main message you want to get across? It’s easy to fall into the trap of making all elements look exciting and of equal importance but it can lead to an overly busy design which buyers find hard work and off-putting. Ensure your logo font is easy to read, bold and jumps out from the paper. If your company name is swamped with other background items, you might be missing out on vital advertising.

Three doughnuts sitting on branded greaseproof paper made by It's A Wrap

The overarching comment from each of our designers was to spend a little time thinking through your needs before you start the design process. Their go to advice is to remember that packaging must compete, engage, communicate, and deliver a memorable out of box experience. If you think about each of these factors in turn, you’ll be on to a winner!

If you need any advice on design or are interested in creating your own branded greaseproof paper, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team…