Branded Greaseproof For All…

We often come across the concept that branded greaseproof paper is only for larger businesses and the notion that it’s superfluous to the needs of a small business. Laura from creative grazing business, Three Little Figs, explains why promoting your brand is just as important for smaller businesses, if not more so.

Branded greaseproof for Three Little Figs


Before launching the business Laura researched heavily into the success of others and wanted to ensure the offerings associated with Three Little Figs were of the highest standard. Based in the South West, the quality focused grazing company are currently using branded greaseproof paper for their food deliveries consisting of beautifully displayed cheese & charcuterie boxes, brunch boxes and sweet treats. Once Covid restrictions ease, the business with turn to event catering, offering gorgeous platters and tablescapes with an array of different foods and cuisines. 

 Laura comments “I felt it was important to get our brand identity out there, especially as a young business. I did a bit of market research and realised the brands that stood out were the ones that had invested in all the finer details, like the greaseproof paper. It gives a more professional look, and actually, after weeks of testing out various different types of greaseproof, It's A Wrap UK came out on top in terms of quality and service.”


Classic branded greaseproof with your logo

Using their classically designed branded greaseproof paper to both line and cover their platters not only adds a professional finish but also ensures maximum freshness of their products. Laura tells us “I've had lots of comments about how professional everything looks. I'm positive the greaseproof paper plays a big part in that response.”


The business also makes the most of their branded greaseproof across social media “I love the way it looks across my social media platforms! It creates a consistent and professional backdrop for all of my products, which I adore” adds Laura enthusiastically.


Despite Covid restricting their options for business, January and February 2021 have been the busiest months The Three Little Figs have encountered and Laura is proud of the way they’re managing to make things work, despite the difficulties. “Instead of offering event catering, we've resorted to boxes and platters that can be delivered to people's doors. If they have something they want to celebrate, this is a Covid friendly way of making their day special.”


Gorgeous custom print greaseproof for graze platters

So, has using branded greaseproof helped business at all? Laura laughs and admits that they’ve been using it right since opening “I do think it elevates the business to another level though and I'm incredibly happy with the look - I think it's a real asset to my brand. Without the need to cut greaseproof paper to size for each order, it’s certainly saved us time and hassle. That sounds like such a small thing but being able to grab and go is so convenient. I’m also really proud to offer an eco-friendly product and as a business we’re always shouting about the ways we’re trying to make our business practices more sustainable. I think that’s really important for consumers right now.”


Would she recommend It’s a Wrap? “Definitely. I would recommend your branded greaseproof paper until the cows come home! I found the whole process incredibly quick and professional. The team had my personalised proofs through much quicker than expected and were very responsive to any changes I wanted to make. Truly a 10/10 service.”  


The traditional large volume and long lead times on standard printed greaseproof paper had made branded packaging a prohibitive purchase for many small businesses. Our aim with It’s A Wrap has always been to significantly reduce the cost and turnaround times for custom printed food wraps making them available to businesses both large and small. Our greaseproof papers are available in large volumes, but our minimum order is just 1,000 sheets with all quantities delivered within 10 working days, making it an accessible option for all. If you’d like more information don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Custom print food paper