Making the Most of the Seasons…

It might seem early but before we know it, the festive season will be approaching, making now a great time to invest in a new look to capitalise on busy times in the retail calendar. Seasonal packaging is a fantastic tool to give your brand some extra relevance for the time of year and it's a well-known tactic used by brands across the globe - Starbucks coffee cups anyone?

When competition is high, a themed revamp of your branded greaseproof paper really can make all the difference to your marketing efforts. What’s more, low minimum order quantities from us means seasonal packaging is as accessible for small businesses as it is the big guys.

Christmas themed greaseproof paper with your logo


It’s not just about Christmas…

It goes without saying that Christmas isn't the only time of year where seasonal packaging is useful, but it is by far the most popular time to invest in a new greaseproof design. With the UK Christmas retail sales amassing over £73 million last year, it’s a vital opportunity to attract new customers and increase revenue. However, it also means intense competition, meaning a need to get creative and in terms of themed greaseproof design, this is the time to go all-out. People expect to be wowed by festive packaging, and this is critical to a great unboxing experience.

Seasonal branded food paper

Christmas aside, depending on your brand, smaller holidays throughout the year might have greater relevance to your business – think jewellers and Valentine’s, florists and Mother’s Day. Or maybe you’re a smaller business with less frequent product sales which might mean choosing a longer time frame to use themed paper in order to make it cost effective. That’s where the traditional seasons can be useful – paper adorned with frosted colours and snowy images is perfect for winter or go autumnal and include Halloween and Bonfire night (Thanksgiving) styles alongside warm, rich colours. Either option will see eye-catching designs in place for two to three months ensuring more value for your money.


Keep it Green!

Not the colour, we're talking about waste! We only need look at our rubbish bins to know that Christmas packaging is responsible for a lot of waste. In fact, the United States produces a shocking 5 million tons of extra waste over the holiday period! We know it's important to make your seasonal packaging as low-impact as possible. Not only is it a sign of a responsible business but your customers expect it. In an era of increasingly conscious consumers, packaging has become one of the biggest indicators of whether a brand is environmentally friendly. You’ll be pleased to know all our greaseproof papers continue to be sustainably sourced as well as being recyclable and compostable…great features to promote to your customers!

So Why Does it matter?

custom printed greaseproof paper

Put simply, seasonal packaging helps improve your sales and boosts your brand power too. In today’s increasingly competitive environment, it’s vital for brands to impress customers by standing out and offering something a little different. Offering premium packaging can influence more sales among those looking to replicate the gifting experience or those looking to spoil themselves with that seasonal treat.


It’s all about the Appeal.

Creative packaging increases product appeal, particularly when served alongside themed items. Imparting a sense of luxury, the custom packaging adds to the seasonal spirit, which is what your customers are looking for. Whether browsing for gifts on your ecommerce site or perusing items on your takeout menu, those clearly themed as seasonal will naturally be more appealing - who doesn’t want a spooky themed Halloween doughnut or a festive flavoured burger? What’s more the serving of items in a fun and attractive style that’s different from your standard packaging will encourage customers to believe they purchased something unique. In turn they’ll want to share the experience by adding images of their purchases to social media and encouraging friends and family to follow suit.


Branded food wraps with your logo and brand, any size, low quantities


Acting on Impulse

Products that are custom packaged for the seasons are more likely to persuade shoppers to buy.  Buyers relate immediately to the packaging that’s in tune with the festive mood and as a result, shoppers connect to the product too, which more often than not, leads to impulse purchases.


Creating Memories

We all know that brands need to connect with their customers to stay relevant. With the right design, the colours, themes, imagery, and content of seasonal greaseproof can connect emotionally with your customers and evoke their emotions and memories. Creating a memorable experience for customers with your brand, which sticks in their mind for years to come inspires strong brand loyalty and sees customers return again and again. 


Design Tips

Christmas design samples of greaseproof paper

As always, our team of designers are on hand to help create your perfect seasonal artwork but here are a few tips from them to get your started:

  • Design seasonal packaging products that benefit the buyer.
  • Ensure that your seasonal design aligns with your brand. It’s important to ensure your usual brand is still recognisable so retain a sense of familiarity through details such as your logo or colour palette.
  • Use seasonal packaging as an opportunity to present your brand at your creative best. Research your competitors and look outside your industry for inspiration and investigate their success.

For more information on how to create your own seasonal greaseproof paper get in touch with the team or ask about our ready to print templates, ready to add your logo and go!