Fascinating Facts About Packaging

During challenging times it’s more important than ever that businesses focus on selling the full package as opposed to just the product. That means looking further than your usual quality assurances, and ensuring that aesthetically-pleasing, strongly branded packaging is used to elevate the look and feel of your presentation. Whatever type of product you may sell, the key role played by packaging will come into play at one stage or another, and we cannot stress enough how important it is to get this right.

To emphasise its importance, we’ve come up with some of our favourite facts on the subject of packaging…


First Impressions Count - Studies reveal that it takes just seven seconds for a customer to decide what defines your brand from their very first glimpse of your product. The information your packaging and graphic design communicates at this point is vital and could be the difference between your product being purchased over that of a competitor.




Trees Ahead - According to the recent online survey conducted by Ipsos, 71% of people say they are more likely to buy brands that package their products in paper or cardboard than in other materials. Additionally, more than 80% of people agree that paper and cardboard packaging is less wasteful than other packaging and better meets today’s expectations than packaging made from other materials. Good news for compostable, branded greaseproof paper!


Trees Ahead


There’s Only One - The most recognised brand in the world belongs to Coca-Cola. Research shows that 94% of the world’s population, that’s 7 billion people, recognise the red branding of Coca-Cola and the name itself is one of the most understood words in the world, second only to ‘okay’…staggering!


The Power of Social - 74% of 18-25-year-olds would share an image of product packaging through social media. This can influence peers and increase brand exposure in the millennial and Gen Z market, so get adding your brand to your products and increase your advertising reach!

 The Power of Social


Time’s Running Out – Did you know that the expiry date on bottled water actually refers to the expiry of the bottle, not the contents inside? Whilst we’re on the subject of expiry dates, have you noticed that every packet of crisps, regardless of brand, will go out of date on a Saturday? After extensive research of the team’s packed lunches, we can confirm it’s true!


Business Boost - Businesses have reported a 30% increase in consumer interest when they upgrade their packaging and include branding. That’s a huge increase in sales! Other studies show that consumers now see the packaging as almost as important both the brand and the product itself.


Unboxing Frenzy – The unboxing craze is ever present and was named as one of the most powerful marketing tools this year. According to Google Trends, searches for the term "unboxing" began to surface in the final quarter of 2006, and by 2022 videos featuring amateur unboxing of everything from running shoes to dog toys have been viewed more than 1.1 billion times…yes, that’s billion! 

More importantly for businesses, over a third of UK consumers admit to watching unboxing videos and over half of those who watch, claim to have purchased a product based on what they’ve seen. Are you being seen on YouTube?


Unboxing Frenz


Caffeine Fix – We all know that the smell of coffee as you open a new jar is overwhelming, in a good way, but did you know it’s really a packaging trick? The distinguishable scent is actually the product of a special type of spray that is applied to the underside of the lid, rather than coming from the product itself….is it just us that feels cheated?!


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