Packaging Waste – A Headline Act

With the world becoming more eco-conscious we’re recognising the impact large gatherings of people have on the environment. This need for change is reinforced by the demographic of the typical festival goer young people are, rightly, embracing the need for change and demand that action is taken by the large festivals they attend.


Young woman taking a selfie with a cheeseburger wrapped in branded greaseproof paper from It's A Wrap


Festival Vision: 2025 was created as a shared pledge to achieve a 50% reduction in festival related GHG emissions by 2025, and to speak out to audiences about these vital issues. The pledge has now been sighed by over 100 UK festivals and events. Two thirds of all festivals now have a sustainability coordinator in the team and 32% of festivals introduced a new environmental policy in 2019.

Much needed as these policies are, they can be a headache for businesses who attend such events leaving them sourcing new suppliers and facing increased costs as they look to switch to more sustainable methods and products.    

Festival waste is a serious issue.  

For businesses running food or drinks stalls one of the main concerns to organisers is the volume of waste produced. Powerful Thinking’s 'The Show Must Go On' report in 2020 says UK camping music festivals are generating 25,800 tonnes of waste annually -that’s 2kg, per person, per day. Of that waste, around a third is recycled with the rest going to landfill.

More and more festivals are insisting that traders must adhere to their sustainability policies which very often ban plastic packaging and allow only compostable receptacles. If those aren’t your go to packaging options, then it’s time for a change.

Since 2004, Glastonbury has required its food and drink sellers to use wood and paper packaging only, which it sends for composting along with food waste. As strict as this may seem, it makes a difference. The Glastonbury Festival now composts between 150 to 200 tonnes of food waste each festival, the majority being compostable packaging.

 How we can help!

That’s where It’s a Wrap can assist – all our branded greaseproof paper is certified compostable allowing you to continue to make the most of marketing your brand to a huge audience whilst complying to the required environmental policies. We’re even happy to provide you with the paperwork to prove your compliance. With minimum orders from just 1000 sheets, our eco-friendly greaseproof papers are ideal for one off events and can be fully customised to be the perfect fit and design for your products.  


A cheeseburger wrapped in branded greaseproof paper from It's A Wrap sitting on the counter of a food truck


However small making the switch to items such as compostable packaging may seem, it will make a difference.  If we all, from the organisers through to festival goers, make small changes towards sustainable choices then securing the future of both these large events and the environment is made more possible.