Design Trends for 2023

As 2022 draws to a close (and what a year it’s been!), thoughts turn to a fresh start as we look ahead to what the New Year will bring. As is customary, we’ve spent some time researching the changes you can expect to see in packaging design, allowing you to stay ahead of the trends and ensuring your presentation is up to scratch when the clock strikes midnight.

Here’s what you need to know…

The expected styles for 2023 reflect many reactions to the current state of affairs - rising inflation, global wars and the climate crisis. From cutesy escapism to nostalgia, design aesthetics for packaging depict optimism and enthusiasm with lots of bright colours and fun imagery, as well as leaning on comfort in the familiar.




More is More: Maximalist Designs 

For many years, minimalist packaging has reigned supreme as the dominant style trend among many consumer brands — and we can’t argue with its popularity. Featuring clean lines, one or two neutral colours, and simple fonts, minimalist packaging is as comfortable for consumers as it is business owners.

This coming year however, we’re expecting brands to go all out with statement wearing, bold and prominent packaging designs. Flashier, brighter colours get attention and right now, brands need attention more than ever. These punchy, highly saturated colours set formality aside and create a confident and fearless impression – perfect for being spotted in the fast-paced world we live in. What’s more, bold designs are memorable and more likely to be photographed and shared on social and, thanks to their sense of fun they give us a glimmer of hope as we look ahead.


Maximalist Designs


Sustainable Packaging

There’s always a push for eco-friendly packaging, and demand is growing. Expect 2023 to be the year that businesses show their commitment to a sustainable future and openly promote authentic ethical and biodegradable packaging. That means more than just having recyclable products, it means ensuring your packaging uses ethically sourced materials and inks that won’t affect the earth as the package biodegrades. As a company that only produces certified compostable packaging materials, we’ve championed this concept for many years and are proud to help businesses provide eco-friendly packaging to consumers.

The United Kingdom’s shoppers are some of the most conscientious in the world when it comes to sustainability. In a survey taken in 2022, 80% of respondents said they preferred environmentally friendly packaging materials. This number continues to grow as we become more aware of the environmental impact our purchasing decisions have on the environment.


The Power of Nostalgia

Vintage style never truly goes out of fashion—it just hibernates for a few years and pops back up when the time is right. In the aftermath of the pandemic and current economic woes, the comfort and familiarity of nostalgia has never been more welcome. Combined with the fact that researchers have found that nostalgia can significantly influence consumer purchasing behaviours a retro revival is emerging across all areas of design. Expect to see brands tap into the aesthetics of the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ‘90s with retro inspired fonts and rock and roll attention grabbing colours. Personally, we think a little ‘60s love and peace seems like a perfect idea!  


Sam Joseph


Get Interactive!

QR codes exploded during the pandemic and thanks to mobile phone technology, we’re scanning them wherever we go! By using QR codes, brands can open the doors to their world and educate consumers on everything from how to use the product effectively, their social media platforms, brand beliefs or even provide discount coupons for a follow up purchase.

We love printing QR codes on your greaseproof designs as we know you’re creating a direct pipeline to the consumer. If someone signs up or follows, that’s invaluable market data and a place to communicate at length which will only lead to more sales and brand awareness!



Ok so we said more is more earlier, but in truth, minimalistic designs are the little black dress of the packaging world. 2023 will see a return to simplicity and provide consumers with the idea that your company has nothing to hide. Neat packaging lends an air of sophistication with clean lines, letting the quality of the product do the work instead of relying on gimmicks. Think of the new minimalism as being sophisticated and elegant with a good measure of honesty.


Animated fun


Animated fun

Cartoons hold a special charm in their own wacky and cute way. Offering fun and reminiscence of childhood (we’re back to nostalgia!) they appeal to consumers of all demographics.  Adding cartoons to your packaging not only includes that charm front and centre, but it also strengthens a brand’s personality.

We’re expecting next year’s cartoon designs to provide a classic, minimal style which look as though they’ve been hand-drawn quickly and effortlessly, adding to that homemade image and wholesome energy so many brands are keen to promote.


Be Krafty

Linked to the sustainable trend, we expect the use of Kraft material to explode in 2023. The rustic and natural look of Kraft brown materials portray an eco-friendly initiative that’s perfect for sustainable focused brands and they provide consumers with a visual clue to a brand’s environmental commitments. What’s more, Kraft’s earthy appearance adds a touch of luxury to even the simplest of designs. You’ll be pleased to know all our branded greaseproof papers are available in Kraft brown!

Wrapping Up


Wrapping Up

We know that packaging trends change every year, but this year’s trends are undoubtedly a reflection of the times. With all the uncertainty and unrest of this past year, people are responding to positive and familiar styles in packaging design, whether for escapism, reminiscing or for finding hope in the future. Not sure where to start? Our experienced team of designers are on hand to help you create your perfect branded greaseproof paper – all at no extra cost to you. Just drop them an email or give us a call and they’ll work with you to bring your ideas to life.

We firmly believe is vital for brands to keep up to date with upcoming design trends to ensure they stay relevant in the market. Be it sustainability, minimalism or interactivity, incorporating these popular trends in your packaging design will help maximise your conversions throughout 2023.  


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