Design Trends for 2024 Part 2

Following on from our previous blog on the expected design trends for 2024, here are some more top tips! 



Personalised packaging

Packaging is moving beyond a one-size-fits-all approach, with personalisation taking centre stage in 2024, and this especially applies to events and special occasions. Providing specialist packaging for product launches, anniversaries etc opens the door to brands offering an elevated experience. By selecting unique designs, colours, or patterns to adding personalised messages or QR codes, brands will forge stronger customer connections and enhance the exclusivity associated with their products.



Bold Shapes and Energetic Colour Choices

If you're looking to captivate attention during 2024, bold shapes and vibrant colours are emerging as a significant packaging trend to look out for.

Colour holds immense communicative power, but it’s not just about screaming in the loudest colours possible. It's about using that bold, energetic approach to communicate what makes your product just that: bold and energetic.

Opting for intensified saturation and playful, lively colour palettes are definitely a trendy choice and this bold approach can be an excellent way to distinguish your product in a crowded market space.



Stylish Minimalism

Minimalism is one of those timeless packaging trends that seems to get reimagined and revisited as each year passes. There’s a good reason for that! Well executed minimalism can communicate an air of sophistication unlike any other. One might assume that minimalism only leaves room for black and white designs, however bold colour can still be minimalistic when given a generous negative space around the design elements. It's a look and feel that goes hand and hand with products designed to evoke emotions like prestige, beauty, cleanliness, and relaxation. 



Additional Illustrative Elements

Illustrative elements were on trend in 2023 and they will continue to please throughout 2024. Illustrative elements are more than just a product logo—they are fun, illustrative extras that help take the package design further and enhance your brand image.

Whether you’ve a preference for patterns, doodles, graphics, or hand drawn illustrations, they can all elevate your design, and add an element of fun to your packaging. Not sure where to start? Speak to our team of designers who’ll help to create your perfect design, at no extra cost. or even a fun little doodle might take the look and feel even further. You'll likely see this around as you observe packaging trends in 2024.


The world of packaging is constantly evolving and is driven by changing consumer preferences, technological advancements, and the growing importance of sustainability. In 2024, we predict that sustainable, smart, and personalized packaging solutions will take centre stage and that brands who embrace these innovative packaging trends will not only meet consumer expectations but also contribute to a more sustainable and exciting future for the industry, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve. Contact us for help creating your next design!