So Versatile You Can Design Money....

We often discuss how versatile greaseproof paper can be and love seeing the many uses customers come up with. Wrapping food, lining trays, plates, boards, or boxes are standard uses, and we see more and more retailers using It’s a Wrap to create menus (perfect for covid hygiene precautions) or even children’s activity sheets. Imagine our surprise though, when a customer asked us to create dollar bills for their restaurant! No, it’s not some kind of fraudulent activity, these greaseproof dollar bills are a quirky cocktail voucher for use at The Good Hood restaurant and bar. We chatted with director Richard Fergie to find out more.

The Good Hood restaurant

The Good Hood is a new, spin off venture from the successful Monterey Jack’s chain of award-winning burger bars and restaurants. The restaurant offers a new twist on the familiar, with all produce being made off site at The Good Hood’s “workshop” before being delivered, daily to the restaurant kitchen. The Good Hood team focus on creating every item from scratch, from grinding their own burger mince to making their own pizza dough and cutting their own fries - even the purees for their cheekily named, unique cocktails are made in-house.

Richard tells us “We believe in providing customers with easily accessible, high-quality food and drinks. Making everything ourselves allows us total control over what we serve and ensures we provide the freshest products at the best possible prices.”  

The business has been thriving since the doors opened in The Wirral in November 2021 with their 40-seater restaurant being fully booked most evenings. The business is looking forward to the warmer weather when their large outdoor eating area can be put to full use and give the team chance to expand their skills.

The Good Hood Interior

Richard and the team prioritise an entertaining and memorable customer experience alongside their carefully crafted menu and that’s where their ingenious cocktail voucher plays its part. The dollar bills printed on It’s a Wrap greaseproof paper are served, napkin style, alongside cocktail orders and invite the customer to a 2 for £10 offer on their next visit. Richard says “We wanted something fun to serve alongside our cocktails and to encourage customer and staff interactions. People often ask us if it’s real money and it allows us to engage with them and have a laugh, as well as encouraging them to return another time. It also provides a great talking point on social media with customers, and it encourages them to leave reviews - we’re proud to have 5-star reviews on various platforms.”

The Good Hood using It's a Wrap greaseproof paper as a cocktail voucher

Customer opinions carry a lot of weight for consumers and today, the ability to share those opinions and experiences through reviews and social media posts can make or break a business. Almost half of global internet users post reviews of products, companies, and services each month, and a whopping 89% check online reviews as part of their decision-making process. What’s more, 49% of them consider positive reviews to be one of their top three purchase influences. Ensuring your customers have a positive experience and leave the venue wanting more is vital to securing future business with both them and those that read any reviews they write.  

As well as using It’s a Wrap to create vouchers, The Good Hood team utilise a second greaseproof design which they use to line plates and boards. Richard shares the It’s a Wrap view that customers are a business’ unofficial promoters and understands the importance of serving their brand with their dishes.  Seventy percent of millennials share photos of food on social media before eating it, meaning customer content offers a huge potential boost to an existing marketing strategy. The more visually appealing the food is, the greater the shareability factor and savvy brands like The Good Hood take this a step further and ensure their presentation features their brand getting them the recognition their hard work deserves.

So, what’s next for The Good Hood?

Richard tells us “We’ve started small and plan to add things on as we go! There’s lots to look forward to this year, starting with a new vegan menu that’s just been released. We’re lucky that there are so many good restaurants local to us, so I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to eat out and research good vegan options.

There’s also going to be a new cocktail menu launching soon and we’ve plans to produce another It’s a Wrap greaseproof design! The new one will encourage customer interaction via a QR code which supports one of our suppliers and helps educate our customers on where their food is sourced. We’re all about making our own produce but if there’s someone out there doing it better, then use their expertise! It’s all about using the best possible products, like It’s a Wrap, to ensure your own offering is outstanding.”