Are you missing out on seasonal packaging?

Ok, so your products already look good, why bother to upgrade your greaseproof paper just for Christmas? 

Not only does themed, branded packaging impart a sense of luxury, but a well-chosen design also adds to the festive spirit – which is exactly what customers are looking for!

Done correctly seasonal packaging can have a huge impact on success; helping to drive sales and improve consumer loyalty, increasing brand awareness and encouraging impulse purchases, it also helps you stand out from the competition.

Ultimately, it can be the difference between a fantastic sales season and a mediocre one – but don’t just take our word for it, the big brands cash in every Christmas and see profits soar! Did you know that when Toblerone changed its brand name to ‘Ho Ho Ho’ on its Christmas packaging in 2006, sales increased by a staggering 400%!




Our top tips for creating seasonal packaging.


Get creative to increase product appeal.

The key objective of your seasonal packaging is to increase your product appeal. Where Christmas is concerned, most shoppers look for festive-themed packaging that’s suitable for gifting or provides a sense of fun. This appeal is particularly important for products that would usually be associated with the season – such as boxes of baked goods which, when lined with seasonal greaseproof paper, see their gifting value increase dramatically.

Limited edition packaging can also drive sales amongst both your existing and new customers, especially when combined with suitable promotional activity. A limited run is a powerful way to increase sales of more expensive items by generating a feeling of scarcity.


Your seasonal packaging is a great way to upsell additional products in your range. Whether you’re creating something new to celebrate the season or providing a special combination offer, ensuring consistent seasonal branding across all your products is a great way to tie things together and encourage additional sales.


seasion package


Build brand loyalty.

Seasonal packaging is a great way to increase appeal - think Starbucks’ winter cups and their seasonal lattes! The right design can create excitement amongst regular customers as well as helping to increase your customer base.  With the use of colours, graphics and words you’re aiming to create positive brand connections which customers will remember in the future. Themes such as inclusivity, luxury, care for the environment, and nostalgic childhood memories are ideal at this time of year.

Have a promotional strategy.

If you’re spending money on refreshing your seasonal packaging, ensuring you have a marketing plan in place is vital for making the most of your investment. Including seasonal branded packaging in your marketing images ensures they are themed and helps to increase customer awareness of your campaigns. Your broader strategy can include sending email newsletters to subscribers, giving them a “sneak peek” or early access to your seasonal or limited-edition packs.

Be prepared!

Even though our turnaround times are quick, it’s important for businesses to make decisions regarding their seasonal packaging as soon as possible. This avoids missing the event and provides plenty of time to prepare for any additional marketing or remedy and complications.


Our branded greaseproof papers are available in 7-10 working days, including new designs. If you'd like advice on how to create the best design, our team of experts are on hand to offer guidance at no extra cost. 

P.S. Watch out for our upcoming blog discussing the things to avoid when creating seasonal packaging!