Getting ready for Christmas

It's Never Too Early...

It's never too early to start thinking about how you want your brand to look during the holiday season, and seasonal themed packaging is a great way to give your brand some extra relevance.

Each year, a multitude of businesses invest in new packaging that speaks to the spirit of the season - to the point that consumers obsess over much awaited designs!



Does it Work? 

The question everyone wants to know, is does it really make a difference? We know for certain that creative packaging increases product appeal, particularly when served alongside themed items. Imparting a sense of luxury, the custom packaging adds to the seasonal spirit, which is what your customers are looking for.

Then there’s the appeal factor and impulse buyers. Whether browsing for gifts on your ecommerce site or perusing items on your takeout menu, items clearly themed as seasonal will naturally be more appealing. Buyers relate immediately to the packaging that’s in tune with the festive mood and as a result, they connect to the product too, leading to impulse purchases.

We also know that brands need to connect with their customers in order to stay relevant. With the right design, the colours, themes, imagery, and content, seasonal greaseproof can connect emotionally with your customers. Creating a memorable experience for customers that’s linked to your brand, inspires strong brand loyalty, and sees customers return again and again. 


What do Customers Say?

But enough about our thoughts, who better to confirm the success of festival themed designs than our very own customers? We spoke to several retailers who created seasonal greaseproof designs in 2021 and asked them for their thoughts.


 Bayside Bakery

Bayside Bakery are a family run artisan bakery set in West Dorset on the Jurassic Coast. Their award-winning brownies are hand packed and wrapped before being delivered to customers, nationwide.

Owner, Katy Howell tells us “We decided to go for a Christmas version of our regular order of greaseproof paper in order to elevate our product and make it more festive. I loved it and was really pleased with how it looked and how quickly the It’s a Wrap team were able to create the design for me!! We use the paper as a gift wrap for our brownie gift boxes and they proved really popular – we’re hoping for more repeat orders this Christmas from people who received the boxes!”


Pickle And Rye

Pickle and Rye, a home-style American café set in East Sheen, London, took advantage of using a Christmas themed greaseproof last year during dine in and take out for their American comfort food. The business owner, Val Minor, comments, “The little details really matter. The holiday season is really special, and customers appreciate that little extra something, be it our seasonal greaseproof paper designs or the decorations we hang up; it shows we want to celebrate with them. It tells our customers we are paying attention”

Cuthbert's Bakery

Another company to see the benefit of their seasonal greaseproof paper design are Cuthbert’s Bakery. The award-winning café, located in the heart of Liverpool's knowledge quarter, offers a range of afternoon teas and baked goods serving most alongside their branded greaseproof paper.  


Owner Elaine Price tells us “We love our printed greaseproof, we run seasonal campaigns of our take home afternoon tea and find our customisable greaseproof paper really brings our product to life. My favourite campaign has to be the Christmas where we featured our craft brown gingerbread Cuthbert’s greaseproof paper. It offered a great method of marketing and really brought our products to life!”


The Boxed Baker

Using their seasonal greaseproof as a gift-wrapping tool is The Boxed Baker in Ayr. Owner Tracey creates treat boxes of homemade goodies and cookies which are perfect for sharing. “We decided to choose a Christmas themed paper to stand out from other local bakers, competition is high these days and it’s important to look professional. The majority of our customers gift our boxes of baked goods to friends and family, so we like to ensure they’re handing over a gift that looks and tastes the part. What could be nicer than opening something that’s beautifully wrapped?”



Make the Most of Christmas Retail Sales 

With UK Christmas retail sales totalling over £73 million last year, it's vital to make a good impression with your packaging design. The intense competition means you need to get creative and really make your packaging stand out; people expect to be wowed by festive packaging, so make sure your design is up to the challenge!

With orders from just 1,000 sheets and free artwork design, updating your branded greaseproof paper is an economical way to add some wow factor to your Christmas sales. Our team of designers will work with you to create the festive design of your dreams and ensure it works perfectly for your brand. If you’re short on time or feeling daunted by the prospect, we offer a range of off the shelf designs ready to add to your brand.

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