Great Designs from 2023

What better way for us to wrap up this year’s blog (pun intended!) than to look back on some of the most memorable designs we’ve printed during 2023. Custom printed greaseproof paper not only protects your products, it’s also a powerful medium with which to communicate your brand’s personality and we love it when a brand’s ethos jumps off the paper! We especially enjoy seeing businesses create something a little bit different and some of our favourite designs are created for specific events, include QR codes to encourage customer interaction, or contain jaw dropping imagery.

With that in mind, here are some of our sales team’s favourites from this year’s designs….


Where do we start? This design is quite simply stunning!!

This incredible snow leopard design was created to work alongside Tattu’s theme of “snow” which runs throughout their chain of stylish restaurants this winter. The design further elevates Tattu’s already strong presentation and is guaranteed to add to their renowned wow-factor! If you’re looking to create a memorable customer experience, then this is the way to go.

Basket of dimsum with snow leopard design greaseproof paper


The Pudding Compartment

It’s important to get the most from your branded greaseproof paper and the Pudding Compartment have made theirs work hard! Used for wrapping their delicious shortbread, this design features gorgeous pen and ink style drawings which lends a classy and sophisticated look to their baked goods. Not only does this help entice customers into an unplanned purchase, it also sets expectations of high-quality food. Pudding Compartment’s design goes one step further however and adds functionality by including the full product ingredients and nutritional information. All boxes ticked!

Red and white greaseproof paper design for Pudding Compartment



This is a great example of a brand’s personality shining through design. This bold and colourful greaseproof paper uses Dope’s well recognised logo and icon to bring a sense of fun to their dishes and really adds to their already strong brand experience. The overall design is playful, friendly and most importantly, eye-catching!


Zest Trading

And now for something totally different! The use of an all over photographic image for Zest Trading not only ensures their greaseproof paper leaps from the plate but it adds a full on seasonal theme that’s totally on trend. Perfect for encouraging seasonal sales, this design is one we’ve remembered and we’re sure their customers will do too!


Freddie’s Farm Snacks

This must be one of the cutest greaseproof paper designs we’ve encountered and it is so multifunctional! Designed especially for their younger target audience, Freddie’s Farm Snacks greaseproof paper not only catches the eye of their diners, but it engages them and encourages interaction – a win for children and grown-ups alike!  The addition of signposting to a discount code for their grown-ups is the perfect way to encourage repeat sales - and let’s be honest, if the children are happy, then so are the grown-ups! 


Whispers 1985 Ltd

Whispers 1985 took their design to another level and not only use it for presenting alongside their food, but also as their menu – double the work from each sheet! Adding their menu to their presentation helps tempt customers into additional purchases, either at the time or on their next visit! Their craft brown design and funky images also adds to their brand identity.



Finally, our favourite colourful design of the year. Kolkati’s greaseproof design is the perfect match to their tasty, flavoursome dishes. The bold colours and punchy style are pefect for being spotted at food markets and help to generate spur of the moment purchases and customer recommendations. 


More and more brands are experimenting with new styles, shapes and colours, from bold and bright to modern and minimal, but many of you may wonder where to start when creating your own design. Why not get in touch with our team of experienced designers who are on hand to assist you, every step of the way - at no extra charge!