Unwrapping the Top Food Trends of 2024

Last month we looked at the packaging design trends for the year ahead and this month we’re focusing on food trends!

As the culinary landscape continues to evolve, staying abreast of the latest food trends is pivotal for businesses seeking to captivate customers. At the forefront of this evolution is the demand for innovative presentation and sustainability trends which have been at the forefront for the last few years. As a manufacturer who supports the culinary scene, we're eager to delve into the food trends that are reshaping the UK's culinary scene in 2024.



The Rise of Solo Dining

The Brandwatch Food Trend Report says that solo diners will become even more commonplace in 2024. With less stigma attached to dining alone the report expects to a see an increase in requests for a table for one. With the freedom to eat what and where they like, solo diners can revel in the quality and taste of food without worrying about social distractions.

This increasing trend could lead to restaurants creating more bar seating and smaller nooks where solo diners can eat in peace, as well as specific solo diner promotions.



Unusual flavours

The trend for off the beaten track flavours will continue through 2024 as consumer appetite for unusual tastes continues to thrive.

New flavours and presentations appeal to the current trend for adventure, especially with more and more consumers returning to long haul travel. Popular food cuisines last year, such as Cuban, Sri Lankan and Pan-African dishes will continue to grow in popularity and this year we expect to see additions from the Caribbean, Mexico and Eastern Europe. 



Fusion Dishes

Fusion combinations have been popular for many years and the trend is set to continue. The twist on the concept this year, is the merge of traditional British dishes with other global cuisines. Thought to be appealing to experimental diners as well as those who are more cautious, the trend combines familiarity and comfort with something new and interesting. A great choice when more and more people are unwilling to take the risk of wasting money on ordering a dish they don’t enjoy.



Drive -Thru

When we think of drive-thrus we generally consider the large fast-food chains such as McDonalds and KFC. However, over recent years we’ve seen an explosion of coffee drive through facilities and the trend looks to continue. Not only will we continue to see existing drive thru options adding to their menus, but we’ll also see other chains join the trend. With the prediction of AI powered ordering systems and improved kitchen efficiency, expect this trend to dominate the coming years.


Local Is Best

Today’s consumer craves flavour and culinary adventure but also wants to eat as seasonal and local as possible. Food miles and locally sourced produce will therefore continue to be a focus for restaurants and diners in 2024. Businesses who focus on building relationships with local suppliers will be able to provide the best dining experience in terms of flavour and culinary heritage whilst boosting local farming and a sense of community.

It's predicted that 2024, will see restaurants offer smaller a la carte offerings and even simplified pre-fixe menus that emphasize local ingredients, encouraging chefs to innovate with seasonal ingredients already on hand.


The start of a new year always leads to new trends as businesses strive to stand out from the crowd and make improvements on the year before. Here at It’s a Wrap our personalised greaseproof paper solutions help transform every dining experience into a memorable brand interaction...no matter which trend you might be following!