Wrapping The Nation's Burgers

Britain loves a good burger, and our passion for all things hamburger doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon. Whether it's beef, chicken, vegan friendly or halloumi that's your burger of choice, the UK burger industry is now valued at more than £3bn per year. The fast food industry as a whole has doubled in growth over the past three years and is expected to be worth £9.8bn by the end of the year. That's some serious competition you're working amongst!! 

A quick look at any High Street or retail destination will reveal a whole array of gourmet restaurants and fast food chains, not to mention pop up stalls and food trucks all cooking up delicious offerings. The one thing they all have in common? Burgers! 

Greaseproof wraps for gourmet burgers branded with your logo

With the continual rise of the burger industry, it's only natural that companies are eager to stand out from the crowd and ensure their handiwork is recognised by prospective customers and that's where branded burger wraps are ideal! 
It’s a Wrap custom printed greaseproof burger wraps are the perfect way to present, wrap or display your burger. Why have a plain plate or unprinted paper  when you can have your very own custom burger wrap? 
Burger wraps are an affordable way to spice up your existing packaging and provide a new and convenient way to wrap and serve your burgers. Using burger wraps to line your plain cartons, bags and takeaway boxes will not only help promote your brand identity but also keep your branded packaging costs to a minimum.

Burger wraps are useful for your customer too; eating a burger wrapped in greaseproof paper is not only a feast for the senses, it helps to hold the structure together for easy mouth-sized bites and keeps fillings contained when eaten on the go to reduce messy fingers. 


Burger wraps perfect for food truck take out food

Our branded burger wraps are perfect for establishing your brand within the highly competitive gourmet burger industry. A great first impression and strong brand awareness not only encourages impulse purchases, it keep the diners coming back for more by reinforcing your brand. Promoting your brand to potential customers when used on the go, your branded wraps become an obvious advertising platform, not to mention ensuring your burger stands out from the crowd in the sea of social media food snaps!  Whether you are looking to use branded wraps to line your trays, plates, boards or slates or wrap your burgers themselves, It’s a Wrap can offer you a solution.


You might also be interested to know that here at It's a Wrap we have a strong environmental policy and our burger wraps are food safe, biodegradable and recyclable too which helps retain the freshness, aroma and flavour of the burger by allowing it to breathe through the wraps natural surface.

If you have any other technical questions then please get in touch or request a free sample here.