Branded Greaseproof – An Essential Marketing Tool

Succeeding in the food industry isn’t easy and with the issues the current decade has thrown at us, it’s been harder than ever. As a business owner, you know that marketing is essential to the success of your company, and developing the right marketing strategies takes time, thought, and consistent effort.

We believe It’s a Wrap is much more than just packaging, it’s an essential marketing tool! That’s why we’ve put together some suggestions on how your branded greaseproof paper can tie into your marketing strategies and make the most of your packaging investment. With a bit of luck, there’s some inspiration in this article to help kick off a new campaign to attract more customers or spark a fabulously fresh idea!


A chocolate brownie, served on a place with branded greaseproof paper. The paper has a black and white logo printed across it and features a QR code



These days, potential customers will frequently check out reviews before deciding whether to visit a restaurant. There are many review platforms available but whichever you choose, it goes without saying that it’s important to monitor and respond to online reviews – especially the negative ones.

Wondering how to ask for reviews? When you create your branded greaseproof design why not include a message asking customers to leave a review and tell them which platform you prefer? 

Reviews are also great user-generated content so make sure you’re sharing them on social media and other platforms!


Image of a young lady holding a burger wrapped in branded greaseproof paper as she takes a selfie with her phone



People love taking photos of their food, and if your dishes are photogenic, you can try and capitalise on the trend of sharing “food porn”. Encouraging customers to take photos of your food and to share them on social media is a brilliant way to capitalise on free advertising to their social media network. But what if they don’t tag your business? How will anyone know where to purchase that delicious food?  Ensuring your brand and logo are present in social media photos is vital and that’s where serving your food alongside your branded greaseproof paper comes in handy! You could also include any relevant #tags and social media details in your greaseproof design.


A delicious ice-cream dessert served on a plate with a branded greaseproof paper voucher designed to look like a dollar bill


Create a loyalty program

Another effective restaurant marketing hack is to create a loyalty program that rewards your customers for coming back. There are many different options when it comes to loyalty programs, so you’ll want to consider what works best for your business. Some popular ideas include a simple stamp card, where customers earn stamps for each purchase, which they can redeem for a reward after a certain number of visits, or an online program, where customers receive points or special offers when they use your website to make a purchase.

By offering incentives like discounts and free items, you can encourage more diners to visit your business and become loyal customers over the longer term. Advertising loyalty schemes is important so why not include the details on your branded greaseproof or better still, add a QR code with a link to all the details?


Table of food including burgers, pulled pork sandwiches and fries, all served alongside branded greaseproof paper with a red Christmas themed design.


Host a special event

Hosting a special event is a great way to bring in more customers and promote your business. The options for events are endless, so you’ll want to choose one that fits your business personality and suits your target audience.

Ideas include:

  • Tasting events
  • Themed menu nights
  • Cooking classes
  • Live music performances
  • Boosting seasonal events such as Easter, Mother’s Day or even National Chocolate Cake Day!
  • Hosting regular social events such as weekly quizzes, book clubs, or even business networking events.

Themed events are particularly fun and not only give people a reason to visit your business but they get people talking too! Make sure you promote events in a fun and festive way and with plenty of advance notice.

Why not speak to the It’s a Wrap team to create your very own event greaseproof paper – ideal for spreading the word across social media and adding that wow factor to your occasion? If it’s a regular event why not add some upselling details to your standard greaseproof design?


Image of a whole pizza sitting on top of a sheet of branded greaseproof paper featuring joint branding with Pizza Express and Gousto


Collaborate with other local businesses

The power of collaboration is often overlooked in the restaurant industry, yet it can have incredible results. Look to partner with other local businesses to offer special promotional deals to your customers. As a food business, ideal partners might be cinemas, music events, entertainment venues, and other places such as sporting venues and escape rooms.

Maybe you’re a food truck that only offers a savoury menu. Looking to team up with a local dessert partner to offer a full package would be an ideal partnership. Remember, such collaborations benefit both businesses involved so don’t hesitate to reach out to local businesses to see what they think. Look to advertise your collaboration as much as possible and be sure to include it on your branded greaseproof paper! Special offer details, joint branding, or QR code links are all possible to include in your design thanks to our registered print options.


Take out boxes with fried chicken wings and fries. All feature a branded greaseproof featuring a green logo


Get Delivering

Home delivery and takeout boomed during the pandemic and it looks like it’s here to stay. Even though it’s probably reached its peak, according to research from CGA, delivery sales at Britain’s leading restaurant and pub groups in April 2022 were 357% higher than pre-COVID levels!

Offering home delivery isn’t just a way to diversify your revenue stream but is a great marketing tool that may help new customers discover your venue. Just don’t forget to include branded packaging so you still feature in customer’s social media photos!


Image features a tray of fries being held in an outstretched hand. The fries are loaded with cheese and salsa and sit on a brightly coloured base of branded greaseproof paper.



No, we’re not suggesting you start constant discounting and impact your profit margin, but promotions are useful at the right time.

Running promotions during slow days/times can help to draw customers in when your establishment is often empty, and staff are underutilised. Promotions that offer discounts or highlight certain foods on your menu on certain days are ideal. Running a reduced menu via a Taco Tuesday event or Thursday Steak Night are also good options.

You can also offer promotions for your online ordering or food delivery options, such as free delivery or special deals on slower days. Regular promotions like this are perfect for including in your branded greaseproof paper design and helping to improve customer awareness.


Image featuring a hand taking a sprinkle covered donut from a box which is lined with pink pattered greaseproof paper. Wording in the corner says "order from 1,000 sheets"


Thanks to It’s a Wrap’s short-run options, having more than one greaseproof paper design doesn’t mean endless boxes to store – 1,000 sheets fit inside one box! With our free artwork design service too, no setup fees, and no plate charges, we ensure you’re not paying extra for regularly changing your design. This allows your greaseproof paper to stay as relevant as possible and helps make the most of your investment. To discuss creating a new design or to place an order don’t hesitate to contact the team by clicking here.