A chat with Deeney’s

This blog we thought we’d chat to one of our customers and see what impact adding their brand to their food packaging has had on their business.

Deeneys are a cafe, street food and catering company. A thriving establishment in non covid times, their menu is something to behold and specialises in Scottish flavours with items such as their haggis toasties (The Macbeth and Lady Macbeth none the less!) being particularly popular. An established business, they operate in London and Tokyo, Japan.
Burger wraps with custom print
We asked Carol Dwyer from Deeney’s why the business felt branded greaseproof was an important move in promoting their business. “We were at the stage where our brand was growing, the company was being recognised and our product was becoming popular. We needed to build on our branding and wanted to come across as more professional. We recognised that investment in the brand was needed to help us grow.”

Now Deeney’s are using branded greaseproof paper not only for their street food offerings but also during take out from their café, wrapping everything from burgers to toasties to cakes. The decision to switch to branded sheets saved the need to hand stamp bags for each order, saving time and ensuring consistency for all customers.

Printed greaseproof paper for wrapping food

Carol says “As we operate on street food markets the packaging is literally a walking advertisement. Other customers come up as they've seen our brand on the paper wrapped around someone else's sandwich while walking down the road! It's the same story with the takeaway cafe and catering side of the business, it allows our brand to sit alongside the food and reminds the customers where the food is from. Good packaging also shows a certain level of attention to detail and care which will translate across to your product.”

As well as looking more professional, presenting their brand with their food creates a memorable experience for their customers ensuring recognition and positivity – so much so customers regularly comment on their high standards of presentation. Both Deeney’s and their customers are impressed at being able to offer an eco-friendly product and are keen to avoid unnecessary bulky, plastic packaging.

Sadly, since the Covid pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, Deeney’s 50 seater cafe has been forced to resort to takeaway only for almost the entire time. Street food events and catering events have been completely cancelled, a sector which normally accounts for around 40% of their revenue. Carol adds “We had to make sure all our cafe products were suitable for takeaway and delivery if we wanted to keep trading and packaging was key. We make sure each product goes out in branded greaseproof - either as a wrap-around or in the bottom of a box. We have gained a huge amount of new customers via delivery apps during the pandemic so it is really important we remind customers who is behind the food!

Greaseproof paper with your logo


Asked if Deeney’s would recommend using branded greaseproof paper to other food businesses Carol is highly enthusiastic “100% yes” she says before adding “I think It’s a Wrap greaseproof allows us to retain our premium positioning as it helps with the integrity of the brand. The buying process is very friendly. I've communicated with the same people at It’s a Wrap for years now, they get in touch when they know we may be starting to run low and find out if we are ready to order more. Often it's a very handy reminder so we've never run short!”

If you’d like information on how to create your own branded greaseproof paper like Deeney’s and see the benefits of promoting your brand, don’t hesitate to get in touch or drop us a message here