Marketing – The Big Event

With the warmer weather approaching and the lighter evenings around the corner, it can only mean one thing…. the start of the outdoor event season is in sight!

Once upon a time, that might have seen you testing out your tent and scouring the line-ups for your favourite artists, but for those of you running food trucks it’s time to plan in a different way and to ensure you make the most of this busy season.



Make the most of advertising.

For consumers at an outdoor event there’s always a difficult decision to be made – which food provider do I choose? With so many options available this decision is often made by scanning the crowd and judging what others are eating. I’m sure you’re thrilled to know hungry prospects are looking at your product and thinking “that burger/pizza/gyro looks incredible” but what if they don’t know who made it? Disaster!

Serving your brand alongside your food at events is absolutely vital for two reasons – guaranteeing existing customers walk around whilst advertising your brand, AND ensuring your brand is included (and tagged!) in those inevitable social media food photos.

Branded greaseproof sheets are an affordable way to spice up your existing packaging and provide a new and convenient way to wrap and serve your items. Using greaseproof to line your plain cartons, bags and takeaway boxes will not only help promote your brand identity but also keep your branded packaging costs to a minimum.



Festival waste is a serious issue. 

For businesses running food or drinks stalls, one of the main concerns to organisers is the volume of waste produced. Powerful Thinking’s ‘The Show Must Go On’ report in 2020 says UK camping music festivals are generating 25,800 tonnes of waste annually -that’s 2kg, per person, per day. Of that waste, around a third is recycled with the rest going to landfill.

More and more festivals are insisting that traders must adhere to their sustainability policies which very often ban plastic packaging and allow only compostable receptacles. If those aren’t your go to packaging options, then it’s time for a change.

Since 2004, Glastonbury has required its food and drink sellers to use wood and paper packaging only, which it sends for composting along with food waste. As strict as this may seem, it makes a difference. The Glastonbury Festival now composts between 150 to 200 tonnes of food waste each festival, the majority being compostable packaging.

That’s where It’s a Wrap can assist – all our branded greaseproof paper is certified compostable allowing you to continue to make the most of marketing your brand to a huge audience whilst complying to the required environmental policies. We’re even happy to provide you with the paperwork to prove your compliance!


Space for storage.

We know that space is of a premium for any mobile business and having to store countless boxes of packaging material just isn’t practical. That’s why we offer orders from just 1,000 sheets – that’s a single box. We’ve tried hard to make branded packaging available to businesses of all sizes which is also why we also provide a free artwork design service and free trimming to your ideal sheet size!

If you’re interested in adding your brand to your food this summer season just drop the team a message and they’ll help you create your perfect design.