Size Guide

We're often asked what size greaseproof is right for a particular use, and that's a difficult question. Everybody's hotdog is different, and what's right for one may not be right for another. With that in mind, here are a few of our most commonly ordered sizes and how some of our customers use them.  


500 x 335mm (20" x 13" approx) 

Our maximum sheet size, and for reference, that's a bit bigger than two A4 sheets. 

Popularly used for: 

Place mats, large trays, displays, double wrapping food items. 


335 x 250mm (13" x 10" approx)

This is half our maximum sheet size, a little larger than a single A4 sheet. 

Popularly used for: 

Burgers, burritos, tray liners, displays, sandwiches, rolls, toasties, baps, chip baskets, menus. 

A 335 x 250mm sheet compared to A4


335 x 335mm (13” x 13” approx)

Looking for a square sheet that gives plenty of size for wrapping or displaying the majority of food items? We have a size for that. 

Popularly used for:

Burgers, burritos, tray liners, displays, sandwiches, rolls, toasties, baps, chip baskets.  

Our 335mm square greaseproof


148 x 210mm (6” x 8” approx)

Need a smaller sheet for displaying food? These half A4 sheets fit the bill.

Popularly used for:

Cakes, scones, pastries, sweets, chocolates.

Our 210 x 148mm sheets

Custom options

Perhaps none of the above sizes suit your needs or you require a specialised die-cut solution? We can help! Sheets can be produced at any size up to the maximum of 500 x 335mm and we can even provide die cut options such as bibs or butter discs. Get in touch and discuss your requirements with one of our friendly sales team, we’d love to hear from you! 

Still not sure what size fits your needs? Visit our contact page to request a sample pack. We’ll even send you a few sheets so you can test wrap your products! 

An image of our sample pack