Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions. If you cant see the answer you're looking for, please do get in touch.

I’m not sure what size of wrap I need, are there any standard size wraps for my particular food item?
We do not have any set or standard wrap sizes as we take pride in being able to offer you a completely personal and customised service; this allows you to have any custom size wrap to suit your very own products. The wrap size you need will always depend on the overall size of your product and how you plan to wrap them, so we always recommend measuring out a couple of sizes, to see if they will work for you. As a rough guide, our most popular wrap sizes for burgers and other fast food items, from largest to smallest are; 500mm x 335mm, 335 x 250mm, 300mm x 300mm and 250mm x 250mm, 210mm x 297mm and 210mm x 148mm
Can I have a full ink covered wrap?
Our papers come in either white or brown. We can then print any design for you, and though it is possible, we strongly recommend using designs that are not full ink coverage.
I am unsure of how many colours I need printing, how can I check?

We can print any design that you need, from a very simple logo repeating pattern, to complex photographic designs, but we understand that you may not know exactly how many colours go into your logo. Your print will most likely be either 1 or 2 spot colours or printed 4 colour process. If you are ordering our White Paper and your logo contains white, then the white will not be classed as a printed colour. We can also print tones or tints of the same colour if you would like some shading, depth or variation without having to pay for extra colour.
My logo includes a metallic or other unusual pantone colour, can I have this on my wraps?

Most metallic, pastel and florescent inks are not recommended on wraps intended for use with food. We would strongly advise against having any direct contact between the food and the printed side of the wrap if you would like to have one of these specialist inks.
I need my wraps urgently, why do I have to wait?

We offer the fastest lead-time on custom printed greaseproof paper in Europe, but due to the manufacturing process, we need time to complete your order.
I have print-ready artwork for my wraps, what format do you need and where do I send it?
Although we offer a free artwork service, if you would like to create your own design and send it to us, that's great! Our artwork guidelines contain all of the information you need in order to supply a print ready file.
Will I receive a proof of my design before printing?
You will always receive a PDF proof of your final design via email before your order goes to print. Our artwork team will email you a mock-up of what your wrap will look like and then make any changes to the design from the feedback you give.
The food I would like to wrap has a very high fat or oil content, will the paper be suitable for this?
Both of our papers are completely natural and biodegradable and have no added coatings. Despite this, they still have a kit rating of 4-5, which we have found to be suitable for most foods. If you are concerned that you may need more grease or oil resistance than this, please get in touch.
I am looking for other greaseproof paper items, can you produce these too?
If you don’t see what you are looking for on our site we might still be able to help you! You can always ask one of our advisors or email us at to see what else we can do for you. Other greaseproof paper items we have produced include; butter dish and ramekin covers, bibs, circular place mats and even some triangle shaped liners too!
Are my wraps safe to use in a freezer, oven or sandwich press?

Our wrap papers are completely suitable for oven, microwave and freezer use.

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