How to use colour in your food business

Following on from our earlier blog on colour psychology, we though it useful to discuss where and how to use colours. Having taken time to choose the best colour for your brand, now's your opportunity to incorporate them into every aspect of your business:



Branding: This is your starting point! Use your chosen colours in your logo, signage, and marketing materials to establish a consistent brand identity which customers can recognise and relate to.


Decor: Whether you opt to paint the walls of your establishment in bold colours or choose to incorporate your brand with more subtle colour accents by way of furniture and decorative items, creating a cohesive look that creates the right ambiance will be a positive reflection on your brand.


Packaging: Invest in branded greaseproof paper and packaging that feature your brand colours and logo. Not only does this enhance your brand visibility, it also elevates the dining experience for your customers and creates a memorable experience which they’re more likely to share on social media.


Merchandise: Outfit your staff in uniforms that complement your brand colours, creating a cohesive and professional appearance. Why not go one step further and create merchandise in your branding to build customer loyalty.

As a trusted manufacturer of branded greaseproof paper, we appreciate the crucial role that aesthetics play when it comes to building a brand. Our team of design experts are on hand to help businesses reinforce their brand identity and enhance their presentation with every bite. Whether you're launching a new food truck venture or revitalizing an existing restaurant, harness the power of colour psychology to create an unforgettable dining experience that keeps diners coming back for more. Contact us today and discover how we can support your business's success.