Gear Up for Outdoor Dining!

As the sun emerges and the outdoor dining and food festival season beckon, it's time to dust off the outdoor seating, rev up the food trucks and prepare for an unforgettable summer of food! Here at It’s a Wrap, the leading branded greaseproof paper manufacturer, we’re ready to ensure your brand shines as brightly as the summer sun. Let's dive into some essential reasons why branded greaseproof paper is this summer’s must-have accessory!

Branding Brilliance: Your food truck is a mobile billboard, and what better way to leave a lasting impression than serving your food with branded greaseproof paper! Think of it as your canvas—display your logo, tagline, or even a QR code that leads hungry customers straight to your social media or online menu.


Summer-Ready Designs: Spice up your greaseproof paper with summer-inspired designs. From beach vibes to tropical motifs, capture the essence of the season and make every meal an Instagram-worthy experience. Let your creativity flow and watch as your food becomes the talk of the festival. Don’t forget we offer a free design service and don’t charge any set up fees, so changing up your design doesn’t cost any extra!


Versatile: Different festivals mean different vibes and different offerings. Our greaseproof paper comes with so many versatile and customisable options that there’s always a solution to your needs. Whether it’s different colours, different printing options or different sizes, we’ve got you covered. And, with our new minimum order of just 500 sheets, creating one off designs has never been easier! 


Less Mess: Our greaseproof paper is not just about aesthetics; it's a practical solution to keep your food looking and tasting as fantastic as it should, and it’s a great way to help prevent messy fingers! No more compromising on presentation.


Eco-Friendly: Sustainability is not just a trend; it's a movement. Choose compostable greaseproof paper that aligns with your values and resonates with environmentally conscious consumers. Showcasing your commitment to eco-friendly packaging can set you apart in a crowded food festival scene.


Connect with Your Audience: Use the festival season as an opportunity to connect with your audience. Engage on social media, encourage user-generated content featuring your branded greaseproof paper, and create a buzz that lasts long after the festival ends.


Ready to rock the food festival circuit?

Our team of experts are ready to assist you in creating the perfect branded greaseproof paper to ensure your food truck stands out in the crowd.

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