Are QR Codes The Answer?

Once upon a time packaging wasn’t seen as a platform through which to contact consumers directly, however that’s no longer the case. Successful brands spend plenty of time and money establishing packaging which uses creativity in both the design and the marketing of their products - with the aim of creating the wow factor. But how can smaller brands with less budget keep up with the competition?

QR codes could be your answer.

There’s more to QR codes than just aesthetics. QR codes improve the entire customer experience by providing a gateway to information. Information which you provide the access to. So, what benefits can the addition of a QR code to your branded greaseproof paper bring?



Increased engagement with your customers

Adding a QR code to your branded greaseproof paper, along with a good call to action, is a great way to encourage customer engagement. Thanks to the incredible flexibility and multiple content options that QR codes offer, including video, text, surveys, competitions and more, you can place customers directly in front of the content you want them to see - all via a simple scan of their phone. Gain feedback and reviews more easily by providing a direct link to your review platform or encourage customers to sign up for loyalty accounts or provide product demos to upsell additional products.

Add Instructions to Your Packaging

Depending on your product, it can be crucial to provide customers with instructions about their purchase. However, instructions are often lengthy and require images and text to be printed and added to your beautifully wrapped product. Then there’s the off chance you’ll forget to include them at all. QR codes with their minimal printed surface area provide the perfect alternative to printed inserts - even for the smallest of packages and most detailed of instructions. Don’t need to provide instructions? Use your QR code to link to your menu or alternative products and increase your chances of upselling. You could consider using a QR code to link to your sustainability goals, perfect for adding to our compostable greaseproof paper!  



Use QR codes to Grow Social Media

We’re all using social media – and love it or loath it, it’s one of the best methods for promoting your brand. Grow your social media following by using a QR code on your printed greaseproof paper to lead customers directly to your social media pages and encourage interactions. Encourage page follows, reviews or ask them to post photos of their purchase and encourage tags to your brand.

Increase Traffic to Your Website

It’s not just social media engagement that can improve, website traffic can be boosted too. Use a QR code on your greaseproof paper to link to a website URL and watch your website traffic increase. Rather than directing them to your website’s home page, why not use a customised landing page to provide special offers or specific product information.

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