It’s a Wrap spotted at Taste of London Festival!


Taste of London is the UK’s leading restaurant festival that showcases the latest and greatest of London's restaurants, along with incredible gourmet market stalls and featuring live appearances and demonstrations from the world's greatest celebrity chefs.

This year’s festival saw our third year working with Taste of London's official charity sponsor, Action Against Hunger (link to previous blog post), but we were delighted to see our wraps being used by other exhibitors at the festival too!

Our greaseproof paper wraps are great for wrapping and serving food on the go and so are ideal to use at any events and festivals, as demonstrated by critically acclaimed chef Jose Pizzaro. The team at Jose Pizzaro chose to show off their delicious Prawn Fritters at the event, by using their own branded greaseproof wraps to line the plates and trays on every order.

Each year at Taste of London, Action Against Hunger create a theme for the food at their pop up restaurant. This year was no exception, and when we heard that the concept for this year was going to be the ‘5 Star Burger’ we knew that our greaseproof paper burger wraps would be just the thing they needed!

“The greaseproof paper was perfect, as always. Thank you so much for the support. We really appreciate it.” said Zawadi Philimore, Food Campaign officer for Action Against.

This year was very special for Action Against Hunger as it marked the 10 year anniversary of the partnership between Action Against Hunger and Taste Festivals.

“In the last 10 years we have:

  • Worked with over 40 chefs with our restaurant,
  • Served over 20,000 dishes,
  • And raised over £200,000 for our lifesaving work around the world! To put this into context this could be enough to save the lives of 4761 malnourished children.

We are immensely proud to be Taste of London’s official charity partner, and we look forward to another 10 years fundraising together!”

We too are proud to help support this very important cause and look forward to working with Action Against Hunger for many years to come!

If you are a street food vendor or mobile caterer looking to attend any number of the upcoming food festivals and events this summer, then please get in touch with us here. (link to contact page) Our friendly and helpful team will work with you to create a perfect wrap for your event.