Branded Packaging

We went on a mission today, to have a look at some of the latest branded packaging in the food to go sector, and one company that stood out a mile was, It’s a Wrap, printed greaseproof paper.

It’s a Wrap is the trademarked brand of JR Press Innovative Print and Packaging. Their printed greaseproof paper offers ‘food to go’ and 'casual dining' customers, fine quality colour printing on 34gsm weight greaseproof papers. Custom printed greaseproof paper was previously only available if a customer could order a huge volume, and therefore only viable for big established brands.

“With our product, said Mike, It’s a Wrap Sales Director, we can successfully serve all takeaway food outlets from the smallest local sandwich shop, through to delis, cafes, pizza outlets fish and chip shops and even outdoor street vendors. Our minimum print run is only 1,000 sheets, enabling even the smallest retailer to have professional, sustainable and fully biodegradable bespoke branded packaging for their products.

It is really quite groundbreaking in this industry, Mike advised. It’s the first time ever that a small high street food outlet, can use printed greaseproof paper that is personalised for them and it only adds a few pence to the cost of the food being served.

Upmarket burger and fries presented with branding

Take a gourmet burger for example. If it's served wrapped in branded greaseproof paper compared to being simply put on a plate, it doesn’t take a lot to see how much more you can charge your customer for the fact that you are presenting them with a professionally branded packaging food purchase.

It’s a Wrap is such a versatile product, said Mike. Branded wrap provides a greaseproof barrier for customers serving products where there is a need to prevent oil and grease seeping out to another layer of packaging i.e. as a liner for a tray. Plus, its equally functional in situations where you need to help keep the contents of the product intact, such as wrapping a messy filling in a toasted sandwich. Its third use is when a product needs to be wrapped for freshness and to prevent oxidation of a food item from the outside, such as wrapping cakes and pastries or cheese bought in a deli store.

If you just take its use for Liners, for example – think of all the products that have take out trays. We are perfect for Fish and chip shops, Pizza restaurants, Burgers, Chinese take outs. In fact you name it, there isn’t a food within the Take Out market that can’t benefit from branded packaging with our printed greaseproof paper. We have even had some customers use a boxed off area as a means of recording their own made and sell by dates, to avoid additional labelling.

Moreover, catering for allergies legislation, and vegan or vegetarian diets becomes so simple with differentiated wrap. Simply changing the colour or design, or printing a list of ingredients, can save awkward mistakes from happening at the serving counter.

The ability to print in smaller quantities is even perfect for franchised outlets, where a manager wants to stamp his own locality on the wrap, for his local audience. It’s a Wrap are currently in talks with many of the big Takeaway Chains, as well as smaller outlets with the bigger retailers keen to be able to communicate directly with their local markets, in a more personal fashion than they have previously. Take an example of Pizza Hut for instance, they could print branded packaging wraps bespoke to Rugby, Northampton and so on.

The White Rabbit Pizza Company It's a Wrap printed greaseproof paper is perfect for protecting customers from sticky pizza toppings