It’s A Wrap Supports ‘Action Against Hunger’.

Supporting Action Against Hunger 

"Following on the success of their event last year with the collaboration of celebrity chefs, to produce a 5* Gourmet Hot dog, we felt we wanted to be part of this year's event at Taste London too,” said Mike Clarke, Sales Director of It’s a Wrap.

Action Against Hunger is recognised as a leader in the fight against child malnutrition around the world, and is one of the UK food and drink industry’s charity of choice. For the last five years, they have been uniting top chefs, restaurants, critics, food producers and food lovers to raise funds and awareness to help get child hunger off the table.

This year’s collaboration of top chefs, comprised acclaimed London restaurant owners Sabrina Ghayour, Cyrus Todiwala, Yotam Ottolenghi, Alyn Williams and Bruno Loubet.

Celebrity chef Sabrina Ghayour serving her culinary wrap creation at Taste London for Action Against Hunger

Celebrity chef Sabrina Ghayour serving culinary wrap creation at Taste London


And, to be a little different to previous years, each chef came up with a different 5 Star Kebab, to provide an eclectic culinary delight of tastes around the world.

  1. Cyrus Todiwala – Murg reshmi kavaab roll – a silky spiced chicken sheek bound with minced dates, figs and walnuts, drizzled with dates and tamarind sauce
  2. Alyn Willams – Oriental pork kebab with white asparagus, green melon salad and XO sauce
  3. Yotam Ottolenghi – Lamb kofta with roasted aubergine, pickled red cabbage and green tahini
  4. Sabrina Ghayour – Eastern spiced chicken and pomegranate shawarma, with yogurt sauce, mint, tomatoes, pomegranate seeds and pomegranate molasses.
  5. Bruno Loubet - Vegetable merguez with harissa, mint and lemon mayonnaise
Kebabs for Taste London looking superb on It's a Wrap printed greaseproof


It’s such a shame that there isn’t a permanent food stall, if you’ve been looking at the pictures you will really want to try the food. Make sure you make a diary note to attend next year’s event, as the food provided is mouth watering, and all funds raised go to a very good cause.

Food Campaign officer Zawadi Philimore wrote to tell us how Taste London went, “Our kebabs were popular and we were much busier than we could have imagined. It was wonderful to have branded wrap paper to help spread the word at the event. Our logo is very distinct and people who had already found us at Taste London and purchased a kebab, were then seen wandering around, holding them and eating on the go, and prompting others ask where they got them from because they looked so tasty. Our logo hopefully helps to spread the word about our worldwide programs; in the same way that everyone recognizes other branded food. The event was a great fundraising success!”

“We select charities to work with carefully, said Mike Clarke, Sales Director of It’s a Wrap, and as you can imagine, requests for sponsorship are numerous. But, ‘Action Against Hunger’ fits perfectly with our brand and we feel it is a huge privilege to support their efforts. If you read some of the things the charity gets involved with all around the globe, it is very humbling.”

The team over at Action Against Hunger, are all superb, many of them are in their first charity role after university and they are all passionate and committed to making a difference.

This letter came through a few days after the event from Zawadi..

Thank you so much for the generous support with wrap paper for Taste of London! We loved the design and were so pleased to be able to use your paper again. I’ve attached some photos, which you are welcome to use. A couple of them are with some of the top chefs we worked with, Cyrus Todiwala and Sabrina Ghayour.

This year’s 5 star kebab restaurant raised a fantastic £16,680 for Action Against Hunger. We do not have the figures from the whole event yet but will keep you updated with the total figure as the rest of the funds come in.

We can’t thank you enough for all you support to Action Against Hunger.

Very best wishes,


For more information, please contact:

Zawadi Phillimore Food Campaigns Officer

Details of the 5 star kebab can be found here:

Action Against Hunger banner 2015-07-15 at 13.23.59

In terms of Action Against Hunger’s work around the world, thanks to public support we’re able to respond to emergencies whenever they arise, like those featured heavily in the news recently including Yemen, Iraq and South Sudan. Our teams are on the ground in the world's most severe crises, working round the clock to provide children and their families with urgently needed food and water.

We’ve been working in Nepal since 2011 and were there when the earthquake struck in April doing all we can to help the people of Nepal. We launched an emergency response to help survivors including providing clean water, food and emergency supplies. We are still working around the clock and are committed to help 100,000 survivors in some of the worst-affected areas in the rural districts of Nuwakot and Sindhupalchok.