Want to print your brand name on greaseproof paper?

Well you can.

It's a Wrap printed greaseproof papers are sold by most of the wholesale food catering suppliers in the UK and Europe and serve everyone from small local cafes and sandwich shops, to international recognised food brands such as McCain, Waitrose and Hotel Chocolate.

"Our printing method means its an affordable option for local outlets to also benefit from custom branding, and a professional image, as we can easily produce from 1,000 sheets to a million said Marketing Manager Abi Edwardson."

In the past, printers of greaseproof paper had to print continuously on rolls and were not able to reproduce print in fine quality. So local food outlets and deli stores would have had to buy plain greaseproof sheets or pre cut samples of a standard print, usually something striped or very simple.

The It's a Wrap brand of printed greaseproof papers, is a natural greaseproof paper product that has been developed to perfection. It's fully biodegradable, certified by the Land Trust, meaning that we tick all the boxes when it comes to sustainability, regarding catering license requirements at huge outdoor events. An issue that farmers and land owners take very seriously, if odd bits of packaging are not cleared up properly they want the assurance that it isn't causing either their livestock or plant produce, contamination issues.

JR Press is the UK based printing group that developed the product, nearly a decade ago, after one of their print customers requested specialist fine papers, with barrier properties for wrapping their soaps, H Bronnley & Co.

"We have been printing ultra fine high quality wraps for soaps ever since 2008," said JR Press owner and Managing Director Geoff Fone. Having a greaseproof barrier was essential for wrapping lemon soap bars for retail display purposes. Lemon oils as you can imagine, are incredibly strong and we needed to protect seepage of the product from contaminating the surroundings. It also offers protection against customers touching them. 

A one colour printed sheet of greaseproof paper demonstrating the fine quality of our print registration


We have quietly produced printed greaseproof paper in the background ever since that initial enquiry. Gradually over time we have improved our printing techniques and tweaked our machinery, to work with such fine and light papers.

We hadn’t previously considered its application for other markets, but it was enquiries from the catering wholesale sector, in early 2013 that made us realise the potential of this product for the food sector. That enquiry led us to fine tune our manufacturing, to a point that we were competitive in the market, and profitable. We launched It’s a Wrap, at Casual Dining in February 2014.