It’s a Wrap becomes a fully fledged member of the Foodservice Packaging Association

“We’re delighted to announce that we are now members of the Food Service Packaging Association” said Mike Clarke, Sales Director at It’s a Wrap and JR Press.

The Foodservice Packaging Association promotes the interests of manufacturers, distributors and buyers, of single use, disposable foodservice packaging. Typically this is packaging suitable for the sort of food consumers buy away from the home. A market sector often referred to as ‘on the go packaging’ or ‘food to go’. 

The FPA as a body, said Mike Clarke, take on the enormous task of lobbying legislators, media and the public, for best practice in the industry. The whole focus being to aid issues surrounding food waste and sustainability, essentially, that foodservice packaging waste along with food waste, is kept to a bare minimum.

Best practice in delivering sustainable solutions for catering packaging is something we are really passionate about,” said Mike. “It’s a Wrap is a fully biodegradable greaseproof sheet, printed with vegetable based inks on a non-coated, sustainable paper source. Over the years we have changed material types and inks to make the product as sustainable as it could possibly be. The whole ethos behind using a piece of printed greaseproof paper in the food to go sector, is that it should replace and cut out unnecessary plastic packaging.

“Obviously from any catering stand where food is served freshly made, products can be wrapped to go in greaseproof paper” said Mike. It would be entirely unnecessary to wrap a sandwich served at a counter in plastic. We are noticing a huge switch from restaurants and cafes that used to serve sandwiches pre wrapped in plastic.

I was quite shocked recently to dine in a John Lewis cafeteria and get a prawn sandwich sealed in a plastic bag. It would have been freshly made that day or the previous evening, and then put into the chiller cabinets, (all shielded from customers coughs and sneezes behind glass) so the added plastic packaging was quite unnecessary. bartlett mitchell for example, buy their printed greaseproof papers from us, and as this years sustainable caterer winner, they’ve proved that minimising packaging can be cost effective and efficient. They use our wrap for serving everything from sandwiches to toasties and morning pastries. All that’s needed, is a small piece of wrap to package and hold the sandwich contents in place, whilst keeping any moisture from the food item in, and protecting the customer from spillages.

We can really help achieve a lower carbon offset for our customers said Mike, and though we don’t directly get involved in the calculations to establish carbon usage, we can help point our customers to the right sources. 

As members of the Foodservice packaging association we will also be provided with global updates from INCPEN – The Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment. When you are busy running a business and satisfying customers, it can become very difficult to keep up to date with the right industry news the minute you need to be made aware of it.

We have already met some of the members who have shown interest in our products and look forward to meeting the others.