Enhancing The Food Industry: The Many Uses of Branded Greaseproof Paper

In today’s bustling world of hospitality, it’s never been more vital to create a distinct and memorable brand identity. That’s where It’s a Wrap branded greaseproof paper can assist! You’re probably thinking that our branded greaseproof paper’s primary function is containing, wrapping and protecting food products, but it is also a powerful medium to communicate your brand's values and personality and plays a vital role in elevating the overall dining experience.

Here’s our rundown of the numerous uses of branded greaseproof paper in the restaurant industry.


Basket of dimsum, lined with colourful branded greaseproof paper


Elevate the Dining Experience:

It’s well known that the presentation of a dish can have a significant impact on a diner’s perception. Not only can a well-presented plate of food intensify anticipation, it also encourages diners to believe ingredients are of a higher quality and prepared by a more experienced chef. However, it’s not just food that catches the diner’s eye, consumers repeatedly tell us that the use of customized items such as branded greaseproof paper encourages them to rate a venue as more professional, longer established and raises their expectations of the food they’ll eat. Whether used for lining boards, tray, baskets, or buckets serving branded greaseproof paper alongside your food adds an element of professionalism to the dining table.


Takeout advertising


Takeout advertising:

Not only does branded greaseproof paper keep your food fresh and hygienic, ensuring your customers take your brand home with them is a powerful advertising tactic. Whether eaten whilst walking down the street or taken home to consume with family and friends, your logo is on display and that’s as good as a word-of-mouth recommendation to passers-by.

Retailers are realising the importance of the unboxing experience and understand that adding intentionally branded touchpoints such as branded greaseproof paper, elevates both the look and feel of their products. Branded packaging and the act of unwrapping help to create that sense of anticipation and value which consumers desire. More importantly it ensures an experience that consumers want more of and can’t wait to tell their friends about.


Loaded fries served in branded greaseproof paper


Branding at Food Events:

Picture the scene, you’re at an event where food is provided….and it’s delicious! You want to know who did the catering but feel awkward asking so don’t get the name of the business. Now, if that’s your business that’s a wasted opportunity and we hate those at It’s a Wrap. Ensure your dishes are branded!! Whether it’s canapes, appetizers, sharing boards, entire buffets or dessert tables groaning with goodies, be sure you line your trays or boards with branded greaseproof paper and don’t leave them guessing as to who did the catering.   


Croissants served on branded greaseproof paper


Social Media Awareness:

Social media is big business!

The increase in orders via platforms such as Instagram and Facebook make social media an important place to be seen for hospitality businesses. Retailers understand the importance of investing in items like branded greaseproof paper and feature them in their social media images to ensure a polished and professional look.

But what about the social media posts you can’t control?

With each dish served it’s likely that customers are posting images on social platforms, with or without your interaction. Where food presentations include your logo, such as those served alongside branded greaseproof paper, customer images are automatically branded. Not only do you ensure your skills are credited to your business, but you also utilise existing customers to upsell your business to their social media network. Bonus!


disposable menus printed on greaseproof paper


Menus, placemats table presentation:

Compostable branded greaseproof paper makes the perfect tablemat. Not only does it protect the surface from spills and stains, ensuring a cleaner and more hygienic dining environment, it helps to promote your brand. Thanks to our custom printing you can include any information you like - opening hours, special events, links to your social media, the world is your oyster! Why not include your menu directly on the tablemat to ensure customers always know what you’re serving. You could also wrap your cutlery in branded greaseproof paper too and impress customers with your attention to detail.  



create children's entertainment with branded greaseproof paper


Educational and Interactive Packaging:

Looking to encourage family dining? Speak to our design team and create interactive placemats for children, featuring games, puzzles, or colouring activities. This not only adds an element of fun and creativity to their dining experience but also keeps children engaged and their parents relaxed - increasing the likelihood of a return visit.

Aiming for an older audience? Consider including QR codes on your branded greaseproof paper to provide more information about your business. Offering a modern and easily updatable platform, QR codes are ideal for providing links to menus, feedback forms or for directing customers to your social media pages. They’re also the perfect interactive upselling tool which consumers find hard to resist. With the tracking opportunities QR codes provide, businesses are also able to gain valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences.

Brownie served on a plate with branded greaseproof paper, featuring a QR code design


If you’d like to know more about the multifaceted tool that is branded greaseproof paper, or would like to discuss creating your own design, simply get in touch! We offer a free design service, and our team of experts are on hand to guide you through the process as quickly and easily as possible.